We are products of the Earth, rising from the waters and reaching for the cosmos. The Earth is coalesced from the very essence of creation, and through an eternal evolutionary process, we, ourselves and everything around us, connect to a single, harmonious, unifying point of creation. That creative force exists in us as we are born of it, and resides deep in the center of heart and mind. 

When observed, nature seems to follow certain codes and structures, often revealed as natural laws and basic blue-prints for forms of life. What we deem geometry and physics (and indeed all of the sciences) are revelations of that very essence of creation, and by recognizing them and utilizing them in our own personal creations, we are connecting and unifying with that creative force. Harmonizing with the tones of the song of creation. 

Reality exists on vast regions of scale, most unattainabale to us at most times. The structures and building blocks of the inhabitants of these realms of extreme scale are analogous  to those at our own. To notice these similarities is to notice something boldly unifying in our existence, just as shamans, scientists, and artists throughout time. To use these principals in creation of objects is not only to participate in a long history of tradition but also is to create using similar principals and guidlines as the creative force of our universe. The intention to relate universal commonalities in form to a human scale informed the choice of creating work that is either meant to be worn, an intimate means of relating to self, or work that interacts with ones enviornment, a less intimate but more visceral and accessible means of relating to self. 

My working process is ritualistic and informed by thousands of years of tradition. The process is a form of active meditation. When in the feedback loop of designing/making, I am able to briefly disconnect from a separate, dichotomous, individual self and connect with a vaster awareness. My major medium, jewelry, has embodied the essence of divinity from the time of the mediums origin and serves as a reminder of majesty and beauty. My designs come from observing nature, not by segregating certain aspects, but from recognizing the common structures. The work serves to connect maker, wearer, and observer in a harmonious way with each other and to serve as a reminder of the divinity of ourselves and of all things.